NAVY Positions
university of Amsterdam
1977-78     Naval hospital Overveen
1979      Navy recruiting and selection centre,
               Hollandsche Rading
1978     Social Medical Service
1980     HNLMS Zuiderkruis
1981     Marine Barracks "van Ghent"                Rotterdam
1982    Marine Barracks "van Braam Houckgeest"                                      Doorn
1982-86     HQ Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
1986-87     Medical Directorate of the Navy
                   Den Haag
1988-90     Cinceastlant
                     Northwood, UK
1990-93     Armed Forces Medical Command
1993     UNTAC, Cambodia
1994     Central Sickbay, Den Helder
1995    Medical Directorate of the Navy
            Den Haag
1995-96     NAVNORTHWEST
                   Northwood, UK
1996-97      Medical Directorate of the Navy
                    Den Haag
1997       Medical Coordination Centre SFOR
1998-99      Medical Directorate of the Navy
                    Den Haag
1999       Navy Environmental Health Centre
                Norfolk, VA, USA
1999- 2003 Occupational Health and Safety Service,
                    Northern Naval Region
                    Den Helder
2003 - 2005 Joint NBC Center of Expertise